The overall purpose of Brethren for Biblical Authority is to provide a networking opportunity for like-minded leaders & churches within the Church of the Brethren. The Theological viewpoint for "B4BA" can be seen on the Faith Statement & supporters tab above.

A B4BA goal is to move beyond the distractions & struggles of the denomination and THRIVE, in spite of what's happening in the COB.

This site is independant & not affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, or any district.

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Faith Statement & Supporters

Since the COB is non-creedal, the closest thing to an orthodoxy that we can point to is the theological portion of the 1926 Brethren Card.
1. This body of Christians originated early in the eighteenth century the church being a natural outgrowth of the Pietistic movement following the Reformation.

2. Firmly accepts and teaches the fundamental evangelical doctrines of;
· The inspiration of the Bible,· The personality of the Holy Spirit,
· The virgin birth,
· The deity of Christ,
· The sin-pardoning value of his atonement,
· His resurrection from the tomb, ascension and personal and visible return and
· The resurrection, both of the just and unjust (John 5:28, 29; 1 Thess. 4:13-18).

*One footnote to the Brethren Card, the COB's roots also include the Anabaptist movement.

As our founding B4BA group came together in Middle Pennsylvania, we agreed to use this as our "Statement of Faith." This is nothing new and it is historically Brethren.

Pay close attention to the first "bullet point." Therefore, to be "like-minded" with Brethren for Biblical Authority, one needs to operate from the foundational belief that the Bible is the Absolute Word of God.

From the Word of God, we have clarity regarding issues like sexuality. {Genesis 2:24 & Matthew 19:5}

Also, Combining combining bullet points 4 & 5 - Salvation can only be found through faith in Jesus Christ. {John 14}

We also see the Biblical mandate to fulfill the Great Commission. {Matthew 28: 16-20 & Mark 16: 14-20}

A Focus on UNITYFriends I beg you . . . let us not split hairs. If we are in agreement about the core matters above, we can and we must work together.

Titles & Labels: A common label that many of us would use to describe ourselves & our Theology would be, "conservative." While others may prefer to use a term like, "Traditional," or "New Testament Evangelical." Still, another may prefer the title, "Balanced New Testament Theologian."

Theological examples: Many of us have strong beliefs about things like, the modern day operation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Another area of potential difference could be Eschatology.

Matters of personal taste: This would include, formal or informal worship styles, musical preferences, and preferred translations of the Bible.

The Critical Point: While our viewpoints on these issues may differ, we are still brothers & sisters in Christ. I {David Stiles, Site Editor} hold strong opinions about all of the above mentioned areas. However, I will NEVER allow my positions to prevent me from being in full Christian fellowship with all of you who wish to associate with B4BA.

Bottom line - We must be good stewards of the time we have, and it should not be wasted on arguing & debating with each other. {Romans 14 & 15}

1 Thessalonians 5: 11 - "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."

Those involved in the original planning of this project were;

Middle PA Planning Committee

David Stiles
Brad Runkle
Rod Thomas
Don Peters
Ron Bashore

Other Middle PA Supporters
Ron Stacey
Robert Detwiler
Jim Hullihen
Adam Morgan

B4BA National Planning Committee

On July 8, 2012, at our first dinner meeting, the following people agreed to be a part of the B4BA National Planning Committee:

David Stiles, Curryville - B4BA Editor
Doug & Angie Wantz, Pipe Creek COB
Greg A. Hyre, Castine COB
Larry Lutz, Piqua COB
Tad Hobert, Donnel's Creek COB
Ken Oren, Pittsburgh COB
John & Sue Strawser
Chuck Ervin, Donnel's Creek COB
Frank & Charoltte Peters
Richard & Carolyn Thomas
Gregory Jones, Bunkertown
Jen Prater, Mt. Zion COB
Dwayne Runkle
Ken Davis, Good Shepherd Church
Bro. Earl Stovall, Ridge COB
Woody Harrison
Brad Kelley, East Chippewa COB
David Maxwell
Charles McGuckin, The Rock Bible Church
Russell & Deborah Payne, CO-DE's Southeastern District
Marvin Wade, Beaver Creek COB
Abe Fisher
Valarie Kline, Pleasant Chapel Church of the Brethren
Bruce Jacobsen, Mt. Pleasant Church of the Brethren
Ray Hileman, Miami First COB
Leah Hileman, A Life in Christ
Hebron & Doris Quesenberry
Timothy & Leann Vaughn, Beachdale COB

At the 2013 Annual Conference, the following affiliates were added:

Jeff Cook - Living Faith
Wayne Grumbling
Bill Schaefer - Maple Grove Cob