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Political Correctness hits a New High . . . or Low ?

When I heard about, Brendan Eich stepping down as Mozilla’s CEO last Thursday, following an explosion of political correctness, I was acrimonious.  The forces of political correctness smelled blood in the water, and set out to destroy this man.

To me this is a landmark example of persecution, and political correctness going into overdrive. This was not even a matter of free speech, it was a matter of privacy invasion.   Eich said nothing, that I am aware of, about marriage.

Back in 2008, he simply donated $1000 to support traditional family values toward marriage.  Also, in 2008, the current president of the United States clearly stated that it was his opinion that marriage was something between a man and a woman.
Let me restate, once again what political correctness actually is:

When that research is done, we find very deep and very disturbing roots to the movement we know as Political Correctness. Cultural Marxism would actually be a more correct term for what we see and call Political Correctness. Karl Marx, the father of communist thinking, had a very Anti-Western way to see the world. He had hopes of an ideal society with a level playing field for all people. It would be interesting to see what Marx would think of those who implemented his ideology.

To achieve that level playing field, traditional American faith  & family values must be crushed and silenced. While the mavens of political correctness howl for freedom of speech, in truth they only extend that freedom to those who buy into their twisted ideology.

As a pastor, I am wrestling a great deal about how to respond to this outrageous censorship that is picking up so much momentum.  As tempting as it might be, going on a screaming shouting counter attack would most likely not be helpful. It could actually help feed the stereotypes that are out there about angry, judgmental Christians.

To those who are engaging in a “culture war,” let me offer this:  the culture war is over and we lost.  As a Christian leader, it feels more and more like we are living in a Babylonian culture, that is hostile to our faith.

That feeling led me to study and do some sermons on the first five chapters from the book of Daniel. My goal was to answer the question, how do we survive in Babylon?

There are three primary take away points from Daniel:

1. He had a very big faith in God. Even though he was a slave to the Babylonians, he never let go of his faith. He trusted that God had a plan for the ultimate victory of his people. Also, Daniel never held back the truth.

**We can have this, as well. Perhaps, even more so, because we have the New Testament and we can look at the end of the book and we know, in the end we win

2  Daniel had humility.  It was a necessary thing for survival. While he spoke prophetically to the King, he did so in a humble manner. It would have been tempting to use harsh words, but you don’t find them in Daniel’s revelations to the Kings of Babylon.

3. Daniel lived as a servant. While he was a captive, he made himself a blessing to his captors.

So as we ponder our responses to what’s going on in American culture, we need to exercise our faith in a humble (not arrogant) way. We can also strive to have the heart of a servant. It worked for Daniel and it certainly worked for Jesus.

So I offer you this as a starting point. Your comments are welcome. Please post them here, rather than on Facebook. By keeping the conversation here, we can keep it intact.

Thanks for reading.