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Jesus the Most Influential Person in History

A new book Who's Bigger? Where Historical Figures Really Rank by Steven Skiena and Charles Ward places Jesus as number one on the list of history’s most influential people.

As we are knee deep in the Christmas season, this comes as an encouraging piece of news.  Honestly, I’m not really too surprised.  Whatever people think of who He is, overall their tendency is to hold Him in very high regard.

The theologian in me could go on a rant about how we “should” view Jesus, but in these days of media overload, I couldn’t say anything new.  My default position comes from C.S. Lewis, who offered the “liar, lunatic or Lord” illustration.  Basically, a man saying the things Jesus said would have to by an amazingly good liar (nobody could lie that well), or a crazed lunatic (insane people don’t change world for the better) or He would have to be exactly what He said He is:  The Lord God in the flesh.  This pap about being a great moral teacher is not an option.

Moving forward, from inside the church, this #1 ranking of Jesus causes me to see a disconnect.  If Jesus is held in such high regard, why are there so many empty seats in the churches across America?  Isn’t the church supposed to be the gathering place for people who hold Jesus in such high esteem.

The problem is obviously not Jesus.  He was perfect and most people have a favorable opinion of Him.  Could it be that in our churches, people aren’t seeing much of Jesus?  I could spill a lot of ink talking about the bad experiences people have had in various churches.  Rather than list them and rehash them, I’ll offer this thought:  Our churches are too focused on US and our preferences.  If people get around to checking out our churches, my hunch is they see way more of us, than Jesus.

Our presentation of Christianity can be heavily wrapped in traditions and agendas that mask Jesus and His message of grace, love and restoration.  We can really learn a lot from the mission of John the Baptist.  His mission was to point the way to Jesus and then get out of the way.  When John was asked about losing his audience, his response was, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30)

In the COB, what people may see pretty quickly is 2 or more sets of traditions locked in an ongoing power struggle.  Why would anyone find that appealing?

During the Christmas season, people around us may be a bit more open to hear about Jesus.  So, let’s stay on mission and show & tell about Jesus.  Merry Christmas.
For fun, here is the top 10 list:

 The Top 10 Most Significant Figures in Human History:
1. Jesus Christ
2. Napoleon Bonaparte
3. William Shakespeare
4. Prophet Muhammad
5. Abraham Lincoln
6. George Washington
7. Adolf Hitler
8. Aristotle
9. Alexander the Great
10. Thomas Jefferson