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The Most Politically Incorrect Institution In America, The Family

The Bible tells us that God created all things. The pinnacle of his creative work was humanity. God was quite careful to make sure that he established the ultimate environment from which to populate the earth.

Human beings are born and nurtured by means of the institution of the family. At the heart of the family is a mother and a father.  In this setting, children learn all the basic things they need to know to survive.  By the age of 5, a person’s personality is nearly completely developed.

Parents are not merely caregivers they are teachers and role models. A child raised in a well functioning family environment has a much greater likelihood of living a successful adult life. Children born and raised in broken homes, where this parental team is not in place, are much more likely to experience every kind of dysfunction known to man.

This simple structure transcends all times and cultures.  It is a universal institution.

The people who populate a culture, all come by way of a family.   Therefore, a society can only be as healthy as the families who are bringing new people into the world.

For every proposition like mine, there are exceptions. However, when we see the repeated stories of anti-social behavior in the news, one common denominator appears time and again.  Perpetrators of crime & mayhem are more often than not children of dysfunction.  Family dysfunction, not race, economics or geography is what we find underneath negative social behaviors.

Troubled individuals almost always come from troubled homes.

Stable families breed stable people. Stable people create a healthy culture.  So as we look for the roots of today's societal struggles, we need to look no further than the foundation.

If a person or group of people desire to destroy a culture, their primary target for destruction must be the family.  If you bring down the family, you will succeed in bringing down the entire culture.

I challenge you to be on the lookout for things that mock and attack the norms of the American family. They are legion, and I will show them to you in my next post.