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Part 3 – The History of Political Correctness

My wife and I recently had a chat with our doctor.  The conversation shifted from her foot to the prevailing feeling that something is very wrong with our society.   We agreed that there is a strange but intangible difference in our society.  Pondering this sense of foreboding, I continued my work on these articles.

In my September 24th post, I told you that the correct term for political correctness would actually be cultural Marxism.  What we call “Political correctness” was actually developed at the Fankfurt School, in Germany in the early 1900's.

“PC” is a wicked child born from the marriage of Communist, Marxist thought and Freudian psychology.   The Frankfurt group of ideologues developed something called “critical theory,” to deconstruct conventional cultural paradigms.  To develop a Marxist society, the traditional elements of Western culture needed to be toppled.  So these thinkers targeted Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, male leadership, traditional morality, sexual restraint, and patriotism, among others.

The people who are forcing this into our American society have been quite successful.  They're coming through the back door with the appearance of good intentions. It’s hard to argue with people who tell us we need to be sensitive to the feelings of others, and advocate for the rights of various groups of people. If establishing more civil rights and kinder conversation were truly the only goals, we would not be facing the Goliath in front of us now.

How can something that sounds “nice” and “caring,” be the root of some many problems? The Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 11:14 -  “even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Cultural Marxists will tell you you're selfish & evil because you have been successful, while others have not had the same good fortune. But, they don't tell you that the ultimate goal of cultural Marxism is total destruction of the traditional society in which you live.

Political correctness is not about being nice or tolerant, it is about wiping out freedom of thought and expression and establishing a totalitarian culture controlled by an “enlightened” elite.

Under the banner of multi-culturalism, cultural Marxist have taken control of many of America's colleges and universities. 1960's student protestors are now radical, tenured college professors.

Using the same cover of multi-culturalism, educators and authors are changing the curriculum and ultimately the values that are being taught and America's schools.  We find this in revisionist history and radical sex education.

While this may seem like a modern problem to us, radical sex education programs where introduced by Marxist in Hungary as early as 1919.  Hungarian children were taught about free love, the irrelevance of religion which deprives people of pleasure, and that family values were archaic.

Stay tuned for more in my next post. However, understand that cultural Marxist want to radically change Western civilization. For them, the big enemy is Christianity. To those who are truly sold out for Cultural Marxism, Christianity must be eliminated. It is the one force that can stop the Marxist ideology of political correctness.

Ever notice that it’s totally ok to mock and belittle Christians in this era of “tolerance?”