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Girlie Hats for Marines

While the majority of America’s talking heads are focused on “The Affordable Care Act,” other things are happening, and can easily be missed in all the noise about healthcare. That could be just what those hostile to traditional American culture want.

The newly proposed hats for the United States Marine Crop have made some news, and many Marines have expressed outrage. While some may think, “ this is not a big deal,” I will disagree. These girlie hats are not an isolated issue. The hats are just another example of cultural Marxists working to emasculate the men of America. The men of the USMC have always been an example of a “men’s men.” Therefore, they are a perfect target for the androgenizing agenda of the P.C. Police. What’s next, pink camo for the army and bikinis for the Navy Seals?

In some of my previous posts, I have explained that a more accurate name for political correctness would be cultural Marxism. One of their big goals is to trash male leadership and the traditional family. Marxist ideology needs to destroy Western, Judeo-Christian culture.

We can also find male bashing in American television. Take the cartoon comedy of “Family Guy.” The father is portrayed as a bumbling idiot, and the smartest member of the family is the dog. Folks, we are need to connect the dots on all these force cultural changes. They are connected and their agenda is to destroy our culture.