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The History of Political Correctness - Part 1

When the topic of Political Correctness comes up, chuckles and shaking heads often follow. But, when we stop and realize how carefully we are required to speak in any kind of public setting, it's easy to see that this is no laughing matter.

 Political Correctness has become so mainstream in our society, without much struggle. It can sound nice. Most rational people like the idea of fairness and equal opportunity for all people. If that were the only true agenda of political correctness I would really not be that concerned. What is truly sinister, however, is the “fair & equality” ideology is only the superficial part of Political Correctness. To see where this entire concept came from requires some research.

When that research is done, we find very deep and very disturbing roots to the movement we know as Political Correctness. Cultural Marxism would actually be a more correct term for what we see and call Political Correctness. Karl Marx, the father of communist thinking, had a very Anti-Western way to see the world. He had hopes of an ideal society with a level playing field for all people. It would be interesting to see what Marx would think of those who implemented his ideology.

Everywhere communism has been tried, it has been a deadly disaster that has led to tyrannical leadership. There has never been a level playing field in Communist countries; only an elite ruling class and the common peasants. When put into practice, Communism has destroyed any middle class. In 1919, Marx said "Who will save us from Western civilization?" those who followed him got even more specific and aimed their sites at Christianity.

For Marxism to thrive anywhere, Christianity has to been attacked, because it’s the only force that stands in its way. There is much more to say and I am planning some follow up pieces. So, for now let me leave you with this... What is the one group of people that you can still mock, harass and degrade? Is it not Christians who are still in open season?

Christian chaplains are no longer permitted to pray in the name of Jesus in the United States military. Military personnel, who are Christians, are not allowed to discuss their faith. And yet the United States military will make accommodations for those who practice witchcraft as their religion.

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