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Modifying You Church Constitution

The topic of "protecting" our churches from legal action, if we refuse to perform gay marriages, has been making some news.

In order to protect your congregation from potential future problems with same sex marriage, here is an example of what to get in your constitution ASAP:

"We believe that the institution of marriage, between a man and a woman, established by God in Genesis 2:24, and affirmed by Jesus in Matthew 19:5, is the only appropriate form for human sexual expression.

Therefore, we prohibit our licensed and ordained ministers to perform homosexual marriages on or off the church's property.  We also prohibit the church property from being used for homosexual marriages, celebrations receptions, or any type of gathering.

Additionally, we will not recognize the license or ordination of ministers whose sexuality does not conform to the above-mentioned institution of marriage."

This establishes what your "religious beliefs" are NOW.  So, if you are approached about a same sex marriage, you can point to your church constitution & explain that doing so would violate your religious beliefs.