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Today in America

America today certainly feels like a very different place than it was just a decade ago.  Political correctness has amped up to the point that a slip of the lip can be a career ender.  Then, there is the state of The Church.

We could all bemoan the "host culture" ,in which we live, for going to hell in a bucket;  but that IS the natural state of humanity.  Recall the words, "total depravity."  That is man's natural state without the Lord's divine intervention.

The original movement of Jesus Christ, the ekklesia (in Greek) was not a building or an institution.  Ekklesia means a purposeful gathering.  Over the centuries, just like wash, rinse, repeat, we can see a pattern.  Church movements slow down, align with the government and/or host culture, they stop moving and turn into monuments of what they were in the past.

What happens next is a group that understands the original mission of the church starts speaking out at the misguided establishment, who have power on their side, but no longer the truth.
In a massive overstatement, I'll just say that this has been a deadly, ugly mess all through history.
Christians, where was Paul when he wrote Ephesians?  Jail!  What happened to all of the Apostles, except John?  Killed in the line of duty!

The way of Jesus has always been counter cultural, and the true church has done some of its best work under fire.  If you recall, what was it that caused the first century church to get moving out of Jerusalem?  Very aggressive persecution !

Jesus promised Peter that the gates of hell would not prevail over His church.  Well church, if we are feeling the heat from the culture, get ready . . . because God will do something new.  He always has.

We just want to make sure we are with the movement and not the monument.  Status quo isn't going to cut it.  There's a saying about how true friends will tell us the truth, even when it's hard and not what we want to hear.  God is the SAME WAY.  He loves us enough that he gave us His entire plan for our lives in the Bible.

FYI:  My wife did not proof read this.  It's probably full of grammatical errors, but I think you'll get my point.