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History of the Bible & the Brethren - by P.V. Lee Smith

"The Brethren have always been known as a people of the Book. They viewed and treated the Bible as God's very words delivered to man through His Spirit that communicated the mind of God to them. Such a perspective led them to take the Bible "as written" without questioning its authenticity, accuracy, and trustworthiness. Recognizing it as the sole authority for their faith, life, and practice, they sought to begin a new fellowship obedient to its teachings. Such a fellowship can only continue to exist today as it remains faithful to those same teachings."

An early Brethren pamphlet, dating back to 1747, described the Bible as  “a letter of God which He has written to the human race through the operation of His Eternal Spirit.”

One of my favorite quotes to describe the Brethren view of Scripture can be found with H. C. Early's statement made at the start of the 20th century: "Brethren lead in teaching the Authority and the Unity and the Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures. They hold that the Bible is an inspired revelation of God to man, that it was     given with authority and confirmed and sealed by the death of the Son of God. It is held that when God speaks it is final, that there is no appeal, that he speaks with full understanding, as well as authority, and that the only safe ground is to accept the Word of God in all good faith and obey it."

And, as for the discussion about "literalness" and "inerrancy," I think that the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy puts it well:,,PTID307086_CHID750054_CIID2094584,00.html

Standing with you all for the authority of God's inspired, written, and inerrant Word for the sake of His name,
Lee Smith