The overall purpose of Brethren for Biblical Authority is to provide a networking opportunity for like-minded leaders & churches within the Church of the Brethren. The Theological viewpoint for "B4BA" can be seen on the Faith Statement & supporters tab above.

A B4BA goal is to move beyond the distractions & struggles of the denomination and THRIVE, in spite of what's happening in the COB.

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A.C. off to Good Start.

I am privileged to say that Bob Krouse is a friend of mine. (Editor's Note).  The beginning of this year's COB Annual Conference was like none I've ever seen.  Bob gave us a Christ-centered, on mission message to get things started.  Great kick off Bob !  Also, there is NO business tomorrow. It's all preaching, worship & prayer.

I had a chance to chat with him briefly.  I told him, he "poured gasoline all over the floor."

So, what will we do with it?  Will we allow ourselves to ignite, and let the Holy Spirit do some real work here.  I pray we do.