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Here comes Annual Conference

I have some mixed feelings about our Annual Conference this year.  On the positive side,  Sunday looks fantastic.  The schedule has the obvious  fingerprints of Bob Krouse all over it.  I love Bob, he’s a great Brother and has been a great mentor to me.

This transition to a much more obvious Spiritual focus is badly needed.

But, once Sunday is over,  we really need to keep our eyes on “the ball.”  I’ve been to quite a few Annual Conferences and for the most part, not seen “the ball” very often.

“The Ball,” is the Great Commission to go and make disciples.  So, why are we going to waste time talking about the Changing of Earth’s Climate?  No disrespect intended if that’s your thing, but I don’t believe that is church business. 

My belief on the issue is simple;  God is going to destroy it all anyway.
The church in America is in very bad shape.   There are two big things that the COB has really taken the bait on:  sidetracks and divisions.

The earth’s climate is only the most recent and obvious sidetrack.  The heart of the matter that could very well decide the fate of the COB is how we handle New Business, #1 – Biblical Authority.

I have enough OLD COB books in my library to prove that our stance, as a denomination, changed significantly and then officially with the 1979 paper on Biblical Authority.

The results of the change are obvious.  We are in rapid decline, along with many other traditional denominations in America.   I have a hunch that there could be people whistling in the dark to avoid this unpleasant reality.

Thus:  I recommend a book:  It identifies just how bad things are in the American church and the actions we can take to have a pray of a chance for the future.  If you can’t see the link below, turn off Ad Block.