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Be Bold

I just finished preaching a series of messages on the Letters of Jesus to the seven churches, in the early chapters of Revelation.  Doing the leg work on these messages was a good exercise for me, and I feel I have grown in the process.

When you hear the words of Jesus in these letters, the gloves are off.  The flaws in the churches are boldly pointed out and they are warned to repent.  Those in Laodicea are even told that He will puke them out of His mouth because they are lukewarm.

Besides, Smyrna who were faithful, but headed for death, the only church that received completely positive and encouraging words from Jesus was Philadelphia.  Every other church had major flaws clearly exposed.

Philadelphia was praised for being faithful and not denying Jesus, even in their weakness. 

In our ministries, we need to be faithful and lovingly bold.  Jesus did not have dialogue with sin.  He called it what it is and He warned that the only way out of it is repentance.

If we feel weak, we are in good company.  Jesus used those weak servants in Philadelphia, and according to history, outlasted all the churches, in the other cites, who fell to the armies of Islam.

So, be faithful and repent when necessary.  Other churches may crash and burn, but the true church of Jesus Christ will not be consumed by hell, itself.

The verbal bantering in our denomination is a complete waste of time.  Let the dead bury the dead.

Don't apologize for being alive in Christ.  Give Him the credit for what He does through you and your church.