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Vision Statement Passed

The COB's new "Vision Statement" has passed.  It reads:

Through Scripture, Jesus calls us to 
live as courageous disciples by word and action: 
To surrender ourselves to God, 
To embrace one another, 
To express God’s love for all creation.

As I've been reading it, I've felt that the primary mission of any church was missing.  The missing piece would be The Great Commission of Jesus, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."

When the vision statement was presented, the topic of evangelism was mentioned.  We were told that "evangelism" is covered by line 2.  We are to assume that "Courageous Disciples" will make other disciples.

That is only an implication.  I don't see that as clear in any way. The mere fact that it had to be explained makes that quite evident.   So, I proposed an amendment that we simply add a line, "To fulfill the Great Commission by making disciple of all nations."

My Amendment received very little support and was quickly shot down.

I'm not posting this out of personal disappointment.  While I was sincere when I proposed the amendment, I was also trying to get a read on where the COB is headed.  I don't see Evangelism as a strong point in the COB.

In Christianity, The Great Commission is "front page news."  Instead, what we might have is a brief mention, in the sports section, under an ad for a furniture store. At best . . .