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Revision to Ministerial Leadership Polity ?

As I am reading through this year's Annual conference booklet, I need to pause and ask some questions about this large block of text that is "New business item number 5," for A.C. this Summer.

1. Where is this coming from?  For example, Business item number 4 has a "task force" that took ownership of the item.  This "5. Revision to Ministerial Leadership Polity" appears to be some kind of anonymous edict.  It concludes with a long list of "Additional Recommendations," that no one has signed off on.

2. What is the purpose of this revision?  At best, it comes across to me like a lot of "busy work."  Or, following it to a "worst case scenario," in between the lines . . . am I seeing a "power grab?"

3.  Is this a maneuver from HQ to keep their grip on status quo, by making sure that someone from Bethany ends up in all the "shot callers" positions?

David Stiles

AMENDMENT 4:55 PM - 5/22/2012

It has been pointed out to me that on page 195 of the AC Booklet - Lines 7-21 explain in a broad way how the paper came together.

That said:  As I read the document, it still feels like reinventing the wheel.  And, I would add that I personally don't have a lot of confidence in Bethany.  There is just a little too much support from their direction for the progressive movement.

Within a change, that would "tweak" who would potentially be in oversight over other ministries;  I feel a need for great caution.