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A Question to Ponder

Pastor Lee Smith writes:

 I have been pondering for a little while, and was just talking to a brother yesterday, concerning to whom the leadership of the denomination is held accountable to. Who do they need to answer to in regards to these recent decisions made about the BMC which go against the intention of the delegate body as articulated in last summer's vote over the 1983 paper?

 In my understanding the delegate body of Annual Conference is charged with the duty to hold the leadership accountable. If that is the case, and please someone correct me if I am wrong, how can we lovingly confront the leadership over this issue?

Is there anything that we can do or bring before Conference that would force the leadership to give a straight-forward answer for their actions? Can we send our Standing Committee delegates our complaints and concerns for them to draft some kind of resolution calling for the leadership to repent of these actions and/or apologize to the delegate body?

Does anyone have any ideas? I have already written a letter to the leadership expressing how difficult it is for me to go to Annual Conference this summer trusting them in lieu of these actions.


Well, what do you all think?  I will post a response that's not hysterical hyperbole.  Oh, and please keep it brief & to the point, just as Bro. Lee has done.

Also, no anonymous response will be posted.