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A Letter From Roann

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

 The Roann congregation has had a rich history within the Church of the Brethren of providing leadership, participating in missions, and planting and supporting sister churches. Many of you have been fellow laborers with us throughout the years. Yet, today, we find ourselves as defendants of a lawsuit filed by the South/Central Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren.

We have been voicing with you a growing concern and an increasing alarm concerning the continual downward trend and existing state of the Church of the Brethren. We have been one among the majority who have been seeking to work within the established system seeking revival and a return to the authority of the Scriptures. We, along with many of you, have grown weary of facing and fighting the same spiritual battles inside the church. We have grown weary of a conversation whose arguments are so well known by both sides that there is nothing new to converse. The pursuit of unity among a diversity of views regarding Truth and the authority of Scriptures has become poor stewardship of time, energy, money, and conferences.

 It was with deep conviction that on March 27, 2012 we voted as a body to separate from a denomination that continues to withdraw from our Biblical heritage, from the voice of the majority, and from us – the Roann congregation. Since that vote we remain committed to the Scriptures and our Brethren heritage as celebrated with you on Maundy Thursday with three-fold communion and on Easter with four baptisms of triune emersion. Principally, we are a Brethren church – a thriving Brethren church who takes the responsibility of bearing the name of Jesus Christ and upholding Truth very seriously. While 6 people did choose to quit worshipping with us because of the vote and have sought other Church of the Brethren congregations, Roann leadership remained completely intact with overall average worship attendance increasing 10% to over 210 each Sunday.

 We are excited with what God is doing here among us. In Christ we are your brothers and sisters, but before a watching world we have become defendants to a Church of the Brethren lawsuit that seeks our building, all our assets, and all bank accounts. Because it is our desire to go in peace, we have repeatedly conveyed with the spirit of 1 Corinthians 6:7 an interest in reaching a settlement – with the most recent proposal being $100,000. For years we have labored with you within the bounds of polity. The lack of regard for the intentions of the majority as voiced at last year’s Annual Conference was the final step that led to our vote to separate. Ironically, we are now told that we are being sued because polity must be followed. If polity must be followed and the voice of the majority was truly heard, we would not be defendants of a Church of the Brethren lawsuit. We would simply be brothers and sisters in Christ.

God bless,
Pastor Brad Eckerley  
Walk by Faith Community Church (formerly the Roann Church of the Brethren)  

Editor's Note: So, polity has more esteem than one of our founding principles from the Brethren Card:
 Which - "Opposes on all Scriptural grounds: going to law, especially against our Christian Brethren." (1 Cor. 6: 1-9)

 And: Isn't there a Brethren Axiom that states: "No force in religion."

 What kind of witness to the world around us is this?