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Disobedience of the Holy Spirit

A few years after I started at Curryville Church, things took off and it was decided that we needed to get to work on expansion. Our goal was to build a large fellowship hall with a full kitchen and a meeting room. A building committee was formed. A designer was brought in to draw up the plans.

 To cut to the chase a proposal was brought to the board. The building committee's plan was approved by our board. There was so much confidence among the leadership, at the time, that they decided to require 90% approval from the congregation to move forward. The big day came. The proposal was brought before the congregation at a special meeting for a vote . . . and the approval of the plan was supported by a percentage in the very high 80s. We "missed it" by 2 or 3 votes. 

For a few days, there was rage among us. An unofficial "witch hunt" began to find out who in the world voted no ! Several people approached me and told me things like, "I know exactly who did this." A day or two later, a special business meeting was called. It was a bit chaotic. Voices cried out for "another vote." People complained say things like, "I couldn't make it to the first meeting, but I would have voted yes !" Finally, one of our deacons stood up and spoke. His wisdom was profound and silenced the chaos. The gist of what he said was this: We have prayed for God to give us an answer about what to do, and He has done so. We don't like the answer, so we are trying to figure out a way to get around His answer. 

The roar turned into a rumble, and a new building committee was formed to develop an "alternative plan." We bought a property next to the church. The house was to become an office, board room and youth center. This plan fizzled out when it was discovered that the house had had major issues with terminates and other structural problems.

 So, after all the meetings and planning, all we ended up with was hurt and frustration. It took a long time to recover and we did lose some people over it. If we fast-forward to today and look back, it's plain to see that after the economic disaster that has happened nationwide, if we would have taken on the load of debt to build that facility, we would now be drowning in our debt.

 Our omniscient God knew exactly what our future was going to be and He shut down our building project. Instead, we used our "building fund" to do some major repairs and air condition our current building. We took on NO debt to do this. There was a hard lesson for us to learn, but when we pray about something and the answer is NO, there is a reason. It may take years for us to understand, but a NO answer can be the best thing for us. We just can't see it at the time. If you try to fight the Holy Spirit, you will lose . . . and all your work will be in vain.