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A B4BA goal is to move beyond the distractions & struggles of the denomination and THRIVE, in spite of what's happening in the COB.

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A "Summit Reaction"

With the Easter push behind us, I'd simply like to react to the "Report of the Leadership Summit of the Church of the Brethren, March 28-30, 2012"

As the report states under the title, "observations," - The following two items begin the list and I would totally agree with both statements.

1. That our struggle over the church’s response to homosexuality / human sexuality is both a conflict in its own right and also the presenting face of even deeper conflicts that have endured for a long time;

The roots of the dilemma are indeed deep. Sexuality issues are the current battlefield where Theological opposites are clashing the loudest in our denomination and others.
In one corner we have Traditional Christian Orthodoxy and in the other we have Accommodationist Theology. These two view points are like oil and water, they just don't mix.

2. That staying together as a church requires an enormous commitment of time, energy, and a willingness to listen across our differences.

Haven't we already put an enormous commitment of time, energy AND MONEY into this "conversation?" I am of the opinion that any more investment of resources in this discussion is simply poor stewardship. This "conversation" is an egregious distraction from what should be our mission, fulfilling the Great Commission.