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Polemics or Mission

In recent times, as I looked at the atmosphere of the church, the amount of time we invest in polemics was quite frustrating to me. I've been known to lament regularly about how much we could get done if we would stop debating and "return" to the Great Commission.

I must admit, my more recent conclusion is that the Great Commission is something we shouldn't need to "get back to." As we do the Lord's work, polemics and outreach are not either/or components of what we do, but they are both necessary elements of quality ministry.

As we look back to the earliest days of the church, we see the Apostles struggling with the Judaizers, and before long false teachers came upon the scene with Gnostic concepts to corrupt Biblical Christianity. So, as the earliest followers of Christ where spreading the Gospel around the known world, they were also debunking bad teaching.

My plan for this coming weekend is to preach about the fallacies of the "health and wealth, prosperity Gospel." As a shepherd, I am doing this because I have become aware that several of my people have been hurt because of experiences with this erroneous Theology.

In the process, I don't plan to stop our outreach plans for the coming Easter season. So, in practice, I find myself multi-tasking and fulfilling the role of an evangelist and a defender of orthodoxy. To keep my flock healthy and on mission, my efforts need to include both.