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A Radically Old way to "Do Church"

What passed for "church" in the first century, would most likely be unrecognizable to many "church folks" today. First of all there were no "churches" (by that I mean buildings.) The upstarts who decided to follow Jesus simply met wherever they possibly could. Often, they would meet in homes or outside of temples. Even Jesus, Himself never had a pulpit.

To be a part of the early church really meant something too. Your faith had to overcome your fear, because the group your were joining was not liked by the established government or religion.

It was an up struggle, but I am typing these words right now, because a small group of ordinary people, empowered by the Holy Spirit got the message out. In a bleak world, they were able to tell a story of hope that captured a lot of people's attention.

Over the centuries, various Christian groups have taken the Bible's message and wrapped it in their cultural traditions. I tend to believe that people's disinterest in Christianity comes from unpleasant experiences with the traditions and actions of mankind in churches.

One of our main goals with our "alternative service," 2nd Shift, is to strip away all the additives that "regular churches" have tacked onto the teachings of the Bible. In essence, we are hitting "restart" and "doing church" as if were in the first century. It is simple, comfortable and Biblically solid.

I'm starting to get a taste of what those early church days would have been like with Curryville's gathering we call 2nd Shift. We meet at a weird time (Monday's at 7:00pm). We use an old schoolhouse, not a church building. The gathering is the antithesis of the mega-church. Our current group of "regulars" is 13 people. That may seem small, but the Spiritual energy in the groups is amazing.

It's been a pleasure to see support and bonding taking place with these people. We have all been able to touch each other's lives and support one another through the rough journey of life, as we study the Bible, pray for each other, and just hang out. We have a "come as you are" attitude. Jeans & T-Shirts are the norm.

Don't be surprised if you run into a Christian in our community who tells you they "go to a church called 2nd Shift."