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A B4BA goal is to move beyond the distractions & struggles of the denomination and THRIVE, in spite of what's happening in the COB.

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Here we go again.

Once again, the "official voice" of the COB has spoken for the minority. It's just another fine example of top down bias in favor of the Progressives within the denomination. The 11/16/11 issue of Newsline featured a write up about a gathering of progressives and how they are preparing to respond to this year's annual conference decision.

In Middle PA, B4BA held a prayer service right before A.C. Our goal was to be inclusive and invite the entire district. Transparency was our intention. We were told that since we were not an officially recognized organization within the COB that our district office could not announce this event for us.

Ok, that's fine. I understand the importance of consistency. I can respect that decision.

I don't believe that the groups mentioned in the Newsline piece are officially recognized COB groups either. So, why are they being covered as if they were?

My church board has decided to continue to receive only 2 copies of the Messenger, so we can monitor what's being said, but that's it.

If those who control the "official flow" of information for the COB are trying to commit institutional suicide, it would seem they are well on their way.

If there is one way that I believe that "Headquarters" is going to hear the voice of the grassroots, I'm guessing that it will be with our checkbooks, or rather the lack of checks, or smaller checks going to national level agencies and the Messenger.