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A B4BA goal is to move beyond the distractions & struggles of the denomination and THRIVE, in spite of what's happening in the COB.

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Out of Touch

In late September, I received my copy of the September Messenger. On September 29th, an email landed in my inbox. It was from the COB News Services. The topic was budget cuts and lay-offs. This is very unfortunate and I feel sorry for those who are losing their jobs.

Then, on September 30th, another email comes down the line from the Annual Conference office. If I can just cut to the chase, it was to encourage me to read the Messenger to learn about what happened at Annual Conference, this Summer. I was there and I saw what happened. I don't need the Messenger's spin on what went down.

I can review the pivotal events in a few sentences. The will of the delegate body was very clearly articulated in the passing of Standing Committee's recommendation to keep the 1983 paper on Human Sexuality, with one amendment offered by Jim Myer.

Also, following proper protocol, the delegate body called Robert Krouse as our Moderator-Elect. I've known Bob for a long time. He is a solid, Christ-Centered evangelical. That's what I believe we were voting for. I really don't think Bob's calling had ANYTHING to do with gender.

If the folks at the Messenger and other parts of denominational level leadership can't figure that out, what reason do we have to put any faith in what they publish or release?

Out here, in the grass roots, the progressive agenda isn't floating. If the people who put the Messenger together and release other materials that are "officially" from the denomination make significant efforts to get in touch with people at the grassroots level, then maybe we'll have some unity.

At the moment, I'm not seeing anything to make me feel optimistic about that happening. That said, my goal is to put my efforts into the ministry I've been called to, and network with other's who share a solid, Biblical world-view.