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To wrap up this year's A.C. - Here are the highlights

The Big Question
After all these years, standing committee made this recommendation regarding human sexuality. It passed, along with an amendment, offered from the BRF. The amendment is in bold type:

"In light of the Special Response process, as outlined by the 2009 paper A Structural Framework for Dealing with Strongly Controversial Issues, the 2011 StandingCommittee recommends to the 2011 Annual Conference that A Statement of Confession and Commitment and Query: Language on Same-Sex Covenantal Relationships be returned. It is further recommended that the 2011 Annual Conference reaffirm the entire 1983 Statement on Human Sexuality From a ChristianPerspective, and that we continue deeper conversations concerning human sexuality outside of the query process."

Take special note to the words: "outside of the query process." That means, not on the floor of Annual Conference. In the years ahead, we need to keep reminding Standing Committee of this.

Other Highlights:

Bob Krouse - A GREAT guy was called to the position of moderator-elect, via floor nomination.

Several of the main speakers were far better than what we've generally been hearing for the past decade. District Minister, Craig Smith gave a fantastic message on Sunday morning.

Even though we had a very heavy issue to deal with, I believe that the overall tone of the conference was very polite and respectful.

However, one major announcement did create a very disturbing feeling for those at the Conference. After the "big issue" was decided, I heard the very disturbing news that a homosexual person at our conference received a "creditable death threat." I stand with our leadership in absolute condemnation of this behavior.